A press centre was opened in Hanoi on March 26 for the 132nd Inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU-132), which will take place in the capital from March 28 to April 1.

The centre will provide material facilities for local and foreign correspondents and assist the IPU-132 organisation board in managing press activities.

Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee for External Relations and Deputy Head of the IPU-132’s organising board Tran Van Hang said although the assembly will officially commence in two days, its activities began on March 25.

Debating prominent global issues, the event will draw the world’s attention, he said, adding that communication campaigns are essential to bring the IPU outcomes to the public.

Ngo Duc Manh, Vice Chairman of the NA’s Committee for External Relations and Head of the IPU-132 Sub-Committee on Information-Communication, highlighted the significance of the assembly as one of the biggest political and diplomatic events Vietnam has ever hosted.

The organising board and his sub-department will work to disseminate the outcomes of the assembly along with the messages and the policies under discussion.

The event will engage Vietnamese leading press agencies such as the Vietnam News Agency, Radio The Voice of Vietnam and the Vietnam Television together with local authorities and agencies including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All event photos will be uploaded to an online Flickr page at www.ipu.org/132pics, he added.

According to the organising board’s Sub-committee on Reception-Event, about 30 delegations from foreign parliaments and international organisations had already arrived in the capital city as of March 25 for the IPU-132.-VNA