Nearly 500 delegates participated in the National Press Conference in the capital city on May 5 to review last year’s performance and launch the implementation of this year’s plan.

Politburo member and Party Central Committee Secretariat permanent member Truong Tan Sang, politburo member and secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee Dinh The Huynh were also present at the meeting.

Speaking at the meeting, Sang and Huynh said, they highly valued the results achieved in directing and managing the press as well as the achievements that the press had made last year.

They said most press agencies had provided accurate, timely and sufficient information about politics, economics, society, national defense, security, external affairs, big events in the region and internationally.

This information had met the people’s demand, they said.

Yet, the two leaders also pointed out weaknesses in coordination between press management offices in some cities and provinces as well as weaknesses in training.

They asked the press to focus on disseminating information about the 11 th Party Congress Resolution, 11 th Party Congress documents and the election of the 13 th National Assembly and the People’s Council at all levels for the 2011-16 term.

The press needed to continue being active and efficient in preventing and combating bureaucracy, corruption, waste, negatives and social evils, they said.

They emphasised the media’s role in fighting against the “peaceful evolution” scheme that is being organised by hostile forces.
Reporters, editors and media managers must strive to increase their sense of responsibility in improving management quality, they added./.a