Prices of oil, petrol unchanged in latest adjustment hinh anh 1Illustrative image (Source: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA)
- Prices of bio-fuel E5RON92, RON95-III, diesel 0.05S, and FO 180CST 3.5S were left unchanged in the latest regular adjustment of prices on July 13.

The Ministries of Industry and Trade and Finance announced that prices of E5 will be no higher than 14,258 VND (0.62 USD) per litre and those of RON95 petrol no higher than 14,937 VND.

Prices of diesel 0.05S, kerosene, and FO 180CST 3.5S should not be higher than 12,114 VND, 10,038 VND, and 10,903 VND per litre, respectively.

The two ministries conduct a review of fuel prices every 15 days and adjust prices in line with fluctuations on the world market.

The world price of RON 95 petrol averaged 46.679 USD per barrel over the last 15 days, down 0.161 USD since the previous review. The average price of diesel was 49.237 USD per barrel, up 1.622 USD.
The cost of kerosene and FO 180CST 3.5S now stand at 42.670 USD per barrel and 244.481 USD per tonne, up 0.585 USD and 10.88 USD, respectively.

Vietnam’s economy is still in a period of recovery and demand for petrol and oil continues to increase.

The two ministries have made adjustments to petrol and oil prices 12 times since the beginning of this year, with petrol prices cut eight times in a row and increased four times in a row./.