The Ministry of Education and Training and Hong Kong’s Sun Wah Corporation on August 23 opened a training course for 100 teachers of English from 100 primary schools across the country.

During the five-day course, the teachers will learn about new primary-level English programme, approach of teaching and studying English, activities in teaching listening, speaking, reading and writing skills as well as improvement of teachers’ leadership skills.

According to the Institute for Science and Education, pupils from the third grade to fifth grade will study four main topics including me and friends, me and my school, me and my family, and me and world around. Once completed, the pupils will reach A1 level of the CEF, a common European programme of language.

The 870 million VND course is funded by Sun Wah Corporation. Earlier, the Sun Wah Fund signed one million USD agreement with the Ministry of Health and Hanoi University for healthcare, education and art projects in Vietnam./.