Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung on December 9 met with voters in Kien Thuy district, the northern port city of Hai Phong to inform them about the outcomes of the National Assembly’s newly-concluded sixth session.

At the meeting, voters voiced their concerns regarding investment in infrastructure, agricultural development, vocational training and job creation for rural labourers, new-style rural building and preferential policies for people who have rendered services to the country.

They called for the State’s assistance to Kien Thuy in building key transport routes and irrigation works while offering incentives to lure investors to the district, especially in agricultural and development, aquaculture and seafood processing.

Other opinions conveyed to the leader focused on fresh water provision facilities and financial support to poor families and those living near the poverty line to help them in production.

PM Dung briefed voters on the country’s socio-economic outcomes with stable macro-economy and forex rate, tamed inflation and lower banking interest rates, thus spurring production, business and export.

Great achievements can also be seen in social welfare work, poverty reduction and relief aid to flood victims and the poor, among others, he said.

He affirmed the Government’s resolve in maintaining a growth rate of 5.8 percent, mobilising domestic and foreign resources for development, ensuring social welfare, devising suitable policies for rapid and sustainable poverty reduction in line with accelerating the building of new-style rural areas.

The Government leader said new-style rural building is the industrialisation and modernisation of agriculture and rural areas in order to give them a facelift while improving rural people’s material and spiritual lives.

“The Government will continue its drastic instruction over the implementation of the new-style rural building programme,” he noted.

He urged a close link between production and consumption in Kien Thuy in a bid to create huge value-added chains, and the acceleration of scientific-technological application in agriculture to raise productivity as well as quality and competitiveness of farm produce.

“The Government and Hai Phong authorities at all levels will mobilise all types of resources for infrastructure development in Kien Thuy and Hai Phong at large,” he said.

The Government will also effectively implement policies towards poor households and those living near the poverty line along with creating favourable conditions for investors in agriculture and rural areas, he added.

PM Dung requested Hai Phong to well perform land clearance to facilitate key traffic and irrigation projects and pay attention to personnel training, especially high-quality human resources, and job generation.-VNA