When Hoang Quy Binh looked at his “library” of more than 200 books he had collected, he felt it would be a waste if he couldn’t share them with people. That’s what gave him the idea of opening D Free Book library, hoping to inspire a love for books among youngsters.

Lying modestly on Le Thanh Nghi street in Hanoi, visitors can leave all the hustle and bustle of the busy capital outside. D Free Book does not have wifi, but it offers readers a peaceful atmosphere to enjoy their books

After two years of operation, the library now has more than 1,000 book titles  of all genres, and has become a favorite space for people to discover a world of knowledge.

Besides, anyone can come and borrow books without any complicated procedures.

In only a short time, D-Free Book has become a space which inspires a love for reading among youngsters.

D-Free Book and similar models are helping to spread a reading culture, and youngsters are working together to bring more knowledge to many more people./.