The People’s Supreme Procuracy on Sept. 21 opened a two-day conference to review the three-year implementation of the Law on Legal Assistance in the procuracy sector.

The law stipulates the implementation of legal assistance in civil and penal cases, extradition, the transfer of prisoners between Vietnam and foreign countries, and the responsibility of State agencies in the field.

Over the past three years, the People’s Supreme Procuracy handled more than 160 requests of legal assistance from 28 countries with a large number of overseas Vietnamese, such as the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Russia.

Those requests involved many areas and serious crimes, including murder, drugs, corruption and fraud.

The People’s Supreme Procuracy also received 33 procedural cases from localities to ask for assistance in penal cases with foreign elements.

In future, the People’s Supreme Procuracy plans to coordinate with relevant ministries and agencies to negotiate and sign legal assistance agreements with other countries, firstly with countries having a large number of overseas Vietnamese./.