The procuracy sector needs to continue to increase the quality of legal proceeding in order to fulfil duties in 2011.

At a meeting to deploy the sector’s 2011 task in Hanoi on Jan. 7, President Nguyen Minh Triet asked the sector to renew and consolidate its organisation and staff, improve the quality and effectiveness in exercising the right for prosecution and inspection of judicial activities.

“Procurators must enhance their sense of responsibility in order not to let criminals and law offenders go unscathed and do injustice to innocent people,” he said.

The procuracy sector should also continue to boost judicial reform this year.

The President praised the sector for the achievements it made in 2010.

Besides its efforts to improve the quality and effectiveness of the sector’s duties and tasks, the People’s Supreme Procuracy cooperated with other central judicial agencies in researching and institutionalising the major tasks of the judicial reform strategy, he said.

It has also made important proposals regarding the reform of the organisation and operation of the courts, procuracies and investigation agencies./.