A programme aimed at helping young people, especially university students, have an insight into their future jobs and make plans was introduced in Hanoi on April 3.

Jointly launched by Rising Young Social Entrepreneurs (RYSE) and the International Training Institute under the National Economics University , the “I 2.0 2014 – Futuroscope” serves as a bridge between students and prestigious organisations and businesses, thus contributing to meeting the demand for high-quality human resources.

According to a survey by the University of Social Sciences and Humanity, within one year after finishing their study, 26 percent of the graduates cannot find any jobs, 51.8 percent get unsuitable jobs and 94 percent need to be further trained to meet recruiters’ requirements.

Those figures mean that a large number of students did not have clear vocational orientations for themselves.

Therefore, this year’s programme helps this group understand clearly about the nature of their future jobs and capacities.

The April-October programme will be held at major universities and academies in Hanoi, featuring a string of activities such as seminars, fact-finding tours, online activities and long-term contacts between students and recruiters.-VNA