The National Committee for Traffic Safety (NCTS) and the Vietnam Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (VAMM) are collaborating on a joint programme to raise motorcyclist road sense as formalised in Hanoi on February 4.

Accordingly, effective programmes on road safety communication and motorcycle training currently implemented by NCTS and VAMM members will be expanded, Vice Chairman of the committee Khuat Viet Hung said.

A fund will also be established to provide support for studies on people-friendly motorcycle development policies to be proposed to the Government, he added.

Hailing efforts by the NCTS and VAMM, Transport Minister and NCTS Permanent Vice Chairman Dinh La Thang has asked the two bodies to develop a strategy on traffic safety through 2020 and another on harmonious development of means of transport in Vietnam.

He also requested that manufacturers design more suitable motorcycle models for the nation and detail a route map on controlling vehicle emissions.

The NCTS reported there were 25,322 traffic accidents nationwide last year, killing 8,996 people and injuring 24,417 others. As many as 199,396 cars and 2,597,301 motorbikes were registered during the year.-VNA