Project aims to support least-populated minorities hinh anh 1Illustrative Image (Source:VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Ethnic minority groups with the least populations in 194 villages in 37 mountainous provinces nationwide will be supported to improve their living conditions and catch up with other ethnic groups in terms of development.

Under a newly-approved project to assist them in 2016-2025, infrastructure in mountainous villages will be upgraded to new-style rural areas criteria.

The groups will be helped to preserve their traditional cultural identity and enhance their spiritual life.

The project also aims to strengthen personnel training and build the local political system, while improving the implementation of current support policies in education and health care, with the least populated ehtnic groups prioritised.

The measures are part of efforts to increase the position of the groups, reduce poverty among them and improve their lives in a sustainable manner, thus reducing the development gap between them and other ethnic groups in the region.

The project targets poverty reduction of 7-8 percent per year, making the living standards of the groups equal to that of other ethnic minorities, and boosting engagement in the local political system.

The objectives also include building a transport system in all targeted villages, ensuring access to the areas during all seasons through the year.-VNA