A Dutch-funded project has helped hundreds of disabled people in central Phu Yen province to have better lives.

The project, funded by the Medical Committee of Netherlands-Vietnam (MCNV), has been carried out since 2006, targeting 335 disabled people in the Hoa An, Hoa Thang and Hoa Quang Bac communes of Phu Hoa district. More than half of them have seen positive health improvements and integrated comprehensively into the community.

Chau Dinh Thuc, one of the project’s beneficiaries, suffered disability to his limbs ten years ago and could not support himself in his daily life. After weekly exercises at his home with the project’s nurses, he has recovered his mobility.

“I was lucky enough to receive assistance from the project. Now I am able to walk and support myself,” Thuc said. “Home-based exercises also helped save time and money.”

Echoing Thuc’s opinion, Nguyen Thi Hoang My, a nurse from the health care centre in Hoa An commune, said the beneficiaries see faster health improvements when their rehabilitation takes place at home with the support of their relatives.

Nearly 300 members of the disabled people’s associations in the three communes also received a preferential loan of nearly 6 million VND (280 USD) each from the project, helping them raise their income and enjoy a better quality of life.

Le Van Cuong from Hoa An commune is among the disadvantaged local residents who have benefited from the project and now lives a stable life. Cuong recounted how a serious accident badly damaged his right leg, causing problems for both himself and his family.

Since 2007, he has used his loan to develop a stable small family business. Now he earns around 150,000 VND (7 USD) per day.

The assistance from the project has created opportunities for the disabled people and their families to improve their living conditions and quality of life, said Ngo Van Can, chairman of the Hoa An Disabled People Association.

The rate of disability in Phu Yen is rather high, accounting for 5.9 percent of the local population.-VNA