Project encourages youths to replicate royal costumes hinh anh 1Vietnamese clothes at the showcase of the coronation of the Queen Mother under the later Le Dynasty (1437-1471). (Source: VNA)

HCM City (VNA)
– A project launched by the Vietnam Centre, a non-profit organisation established last year by a group of Vietnamese-Australian students, has encouraged young people to replicate traditional Vietnamese clothes worn by royalty of various dynasties. 

The project, called Det Nen Trieu Dai (Sewing the Reigns), which makes traditional costumes worn in the later Le Dynasty (1437 to 1471), was created to help Vietnamese students at home and abroad learn more about the country’s history and culture.

The project is not about clothes or hats, said Le Ngoc Linh, co-founder of the centre, adding that it’s about culture. Through the work, the centre hopes to introduce Vietnam, its history and culture to the world. 

Linh and her staff have researched many Vietnamese and Asian documentaries, books, paintings and sculptures.   

They have also worked with cultural researchers and historians, including literary researcher Tran Quang Duc, author of Ngan Nam Ao Mu (Thousands of Years of History of Vietnam’s Traditional Costumes), a book on the history of Vietnamese clothes which was released in 2013.   

Their first display of their productions, introduced in last December in Hanoi, included dozens of clothes used for the royals.

A showcase of the coronation of the Queen Mother under the later Le Dynasty has also been revived. 

“We spent two weeks making a dress for a eunuch and four months for a coat for the Queen. Each costume is worth around 30 million VND (1,300 USD),” said Linh.-VNA