The Southern Power Corporation (EVN SPC), a subsidiary of the Electricity of Vietnam, has launched a project to provide electricity to for households, mainly Khmer ethnic families, in the southern province of Tra Vinh (phase III).

The project is carried out from now to 2016 at a cost of nearly 90 billion USD (4.3 million USD). It includes the construction of over 53km of middle voltage line, 209km of low voltage line and 131 transformer stations with a total capacity of 3,000kVA.

The third phase target to provide electricity to more than 6,300 Khmer households.

Once the phased is completed, the rate of Khmer ethnic households accessing electricity will be increased to 97.41 percent from 93.8 percent at present while the proportion of the province’s households having access to power to 98.6 percent from 97.54 percent.

The project started in 2009 with a total cost of over 383 billion VND for phases I and II. The first phase was finished in 2012, ensuring power to more than 18,901 families.

Meanwhile 10,183 households will be benefited from the second phase which is expected to be completed before the Lunar New Year, which falls on February 19.-VNA