US coffee chain Starbucks has marked its seven-year operating in Vietnam by introducing a range of exclusive new products celebrating Vietnamese culture including a Vietnam coffee filter, a Vietnam Been There Collection mug, and a Vietnam Starbucks card.

“Vietnam Been There” Collection highlights Vietnam’s iconic images such as Long Bien Bridge, while the design of the exclusive Vietnam Starbucks Card features the charming beauty of the country’s national flower, the lotus.

Inspired by Vietnam’s coffee culture, the Vietnam Coffee Filter, also called a “Phin”, is a reimagination of a traditional “Phin” refined in both design and function.

The main idea is to refresh the image of traditional Vietnamese method of brewing and serving coffee and Starbucks wants to make it stylish and popular in other countries.

With the “Phin,” Starbuck’s customers can make a coffee cup in Vietnamese style. “Vietnam Been There,” which captures the cultural flavor of Vietnam, will contribute to promoting Vietnamese culture to the world./.