Big names in real estate and telecom sectors inaugurated Vinaconex-Viettel Financial Company (VVF) in Hanoi on Aug. 8.

The company, established by Vietnam Construction and Import-Export Joint Stock Corporation (Vinaconex), the army-run mobile phone service provider, Viettel and the BIDV Insurance Company (BIC), has charter capital of 1 trillion VND.

For the first two years of operation, the company expects an average growth rate of over 30 percent with a 15-20 percent of pre-tax return on equity (ROE) and a 12-15 percent of earning per share.

The company plans to increase its charter capital to 1.5 trillion VND by 2011.

Vinaconex President Nguyen Van Tuan said VVF will take full advantage of its founding shareholders’ strength to become a financial centre.
In the future, it will become an investment bank providing financial services, he said./.