The Hanoi Information and Communications Department has proposed that press management agencies lift restrictions on the number of inserts and supplementary advertisements in newspapers, and the amount of advertising air time on television and radio.

Under the proposal, companies would be allowed to apply for an unlimited number of inserts based on advertising demand.

The department's director Pham Quoc Ban said Government-subsidised newspapers and magazines generated their own revenues.

"They need advertising revenue to pay their expenses," Ban said.

"The amount of advertising demonstrates the development of an economy. Advertising helps boost sales but the Government should manage the content to prevent false advertising," he added.

Press agencies would have to take responsibility for the content of advertisements because they would lose readers if they published false information, he added.

The current ordinance on advertising requires that the number of inserts and supplements do not exceed the main pages of a newspaper, and are not factored into the cost of a publication.

It also regulates that a television advertising campaign cannot run for more than eight days.

Statistics from the department show that last year, it handed out fines worth 65 million VND(3,250 USD) for administrative violations in this field and confiscated over 3,000 publications.

Three enterprises were fined 40 million VND (2,000 USD) for distributing spam in the telecommunications sector.

The department also handed out fines worth 86 million VND (4,300 USD) for websites established without licences./