The Ministry of Finance and foreign partners on June 25 held a mid-term conference to review public finance management (PFM) reform process and outline key projects to carry out the financial strategy to 2020.

The ministry reported that in the first six months of 2013 new projects in PFM reform have begun with the assistance of partners including the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), the European Union and the World Bank, with remarkable results in the management of budget collection and spending, corporate finance, public property, prices and debts, as well as in the monitoring of the financial market.

The ministry has also released a detailed action plan to 2020 on the implementation of financial strategy, which will serve as the basis for the donor community to decide technical and financial support under a synchronous and consistent framework, preventing overlapping and improving aid efficiency.

The review between the Finance Ministry and donors is held every six months to allow the two sides to talk about the pace of PFM reform as well as seek new opportunities for cooperation.

The ministry said the two sides will strengthen their partnership in the future through enhancing the efficiency of their coordinating mechanism, increasing information exchange and policy dialogue as well as the linkage between the PFM partnership and their counterparts in other ministries and sectors.-VNA