At the press conference (Photo VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) - The Ministry of Public Security will make thorough organisational restructuring to become more effective under a Prime Minister Decree on the functions, tasks, authority and structure of the ministry, said Major General Luong Tam  Quang, chief of the ministry’s Office at a press conference on August 7.

Under the decree, issued on August 8, 2018, the ministry will no longer run organisations at general department level, while streamlining its units with the principle of merging similar units or those without specific tasks, ensuring that an agency can do many tasks, but one task will be assigned to only one unit.

Major General Quang said that the ministry will merge 20 firefighting units in centrally-run provinces and cities with the provincial and municipal Police Departments in order to make sure all resources are optimized in the implementation of tasks.

Its agencies in charge of media and health care affairs will also be restructured.

In the new organisation model, the ministry will reduce the number of divisions in the ministry and provincial Police Departments, while cutting down units managed by divisions and district police agencies.

A regular police force at commune and township level will be first set up in some localities with complicated security and order situation before being multiplied nationwide, Quang said.

Compared to the old structure, the ministry will cut down six general departments, 60 units at department level, and 300 units at division level, he added.

In the local level, a reduction of 500 firefighting units at division level and nearly 1,000 units at team level will be made, he said.

Also on August 7, the Ministry of Public Security held a conference to announce plans to implement the decree, review its performance in the first six months of 2018 and launch tasks for the rest of the year.-VNA