President Truong Tan Sang has asked the People’ Public Security to increase officers’ awareness of President’s Ho Chi Minh’s teachings.

He made the request at a January 15 conference hosted by the Public Security’s Party Committee to review the years of implementing the Directive 03 of the Politburo on continuing studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example.

Suitable implementation forms should be organised allowing members of the public to supervise the interpretation of Ho Chi Minh’s teachings by officials, he said.

President Sang also underlined that the Party, State and people recognise and highly value the loyalty and sacrifices of generations of public security officers during Vietnam ’s revolution.

According to a report by Deputy Secretary of the Public Security’s Party Central Committee and Standing Deputy Minister of Public Security, the sector has gained a number of important achievements after three years of implementing Directive 03.

Progresses have been seen in the following of the moral code, with more outstanding individuals recognised for bravery and determination in fighting against criminals.

Since 2011, 41 officers have laid down their lives while 477 others have been injured in operations. The success of the force in ensuring national security and maintaining social order and safety as well as political stability has contributed to maintaining a peaceful environment for national development, the report said.

However, it also pointed out shortcomings in the field, with some cases of officers violating regulations in their work and behavior towards citizens.

On the occasion, the President presented “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” awards to two public security agencies and a Military Exploit Order second class to General Tran Dai Quang, Minister of Public Security.-VNA