The move aims to improve public transport services and encourages people to use public transport.

With this smart instruction, all information about bus schedules will be provided to customers, such as the number of buses at the station, bus arrival times, and the next buses’ schedule. Besides, customers will be also provided with information about ticket prices, and operation time.

The move has received a warm response from public.

“The new devices help us to save time, we can know the exact time for our next trip so we can arrange our time appropriately,” said Le Thi Ngoc Bao, a resident in District 12.

Meanwhile, Le Van Minh, a resident in District 8 said: “Previously, we had to face time pressure, but now with new smart device it’s easier for us as both drivers and travellers to know the timetable for every trip.”

According to bus driver Le Khac Bao Quoc many more people are expected to use public transport because busses’ information is now available and there will be no late or delayed busses.

Besides electronic information boards, the bus stations have been equipped with detailed instructions to help travellers know more about bus routes, stop-over and pick-up points of other buses.

Moreover, the city has focused on improving infrastructure for pubic services, including areas for disabled people, and bus stops.

“We have planned to put into operation three new bus stations and 85 new bus stops in the city to serve customers’demand,” Director of Ho Chi Minh City Management and Operation Centre Tran Chi Trung said.

After a pilot period, the new devices will be implemented and installed at more than 450 bus stops in the city to attract more people to use public transport.

The city also needs to continue improving customer service, helping reduce individual transport means to the city, especially during rush hours.-VNA