Books about the late President Ho Chi Minh have been introduced by the Kim Dong Publishing House on the 125th birthday anniversary of the founder of modern Vietnam and its first President (May 19, 1890-May 19, 2015).

The ‘Parting moment on the Dragon House Wharf’ book by writer Son Tung, based on the screenplay ‘See You Again Saigon,’ depicts Uncle Ho’s young life.

‘Our Uncle Ho’ writen by Bich Thuan portrays the simple life of President Ho Chi Minh through memoirs and historic materials.

‘Father and Son’ features emotional stories about President Ho Chi Minh’s childhood and his father Nguyen Sinh Sac; ‘Telling Uncle Ho stories’ features tales about the revolutionary life of Uncle Ho; and ‘Uncle Ho’s Portrait’ contains humanitarian stories, among other books released on the occasion.-VNA