The management of ODA and measures to ensure that public investment projects are carried out properly were the main issues that Minister of Planning and Investment Bui Quang Vinh was questioned on at the National Assembly on June 13.

During the Q&A session, Vinh replied to over 50 questions raised by deputies, including many on how to fulfil national socio-economic targets and future plans to raise funds for the country’s development.

Many deputies said that in the past, the management of ODA has had many shortcomings. The procedures that ODA projects face are often far too bureaucratic and some of donors’ rules and domestic regulations even contradict each other.

Regarding the management responsibilities of the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI), when Denmark announced it was suspending three ODA projects in Vietnam , Vinh said that the MPI has worked alongside the other ministries concerned as soon as they have become aware of the situation.

The Danes said there were suspicions raised on a number of issues and that they had only suspended the projects temporarily for investigation, not put a stop to them, said Vinh.

He stressed that if any misdemeanours are uncovered, the ministry will strictly enforce the law to regain the sponsors’ confidence.

Regarding growth in GDP, Minister Vinh said that in 2012, the GDP could grow by 6 percent if the country curbs inflation back to a rate under 10 percent and introduces measures to stimulate financial demand.

He also agreed on the need to gradually reduce the number of State economic groups and make financial disclosures more transparent.

On June 14, the NA’s Q&A session continues with the Ministers of Public Security and Industry and Trade in the hot seat.-VNA