Nomura Industrial Zone in the northern port of Hai Phong City (NHIZ) has attracted an increasing number of both domestic and international investors due to its comprehensive infrastructure and strong support from authorities.

According to Ellchi Yumoto, general director of the IZ, 97 percent of land has been occupied. As many as 53 investors have been operating in the IZ with a total investment of nearly 1 billion USD. The Japanese account for 46 of the 53 total investors, and include well-known brands, such as Rorze Robotech, Hi-Lex, Yazaki, Toyoda Gosei, Tohoru Pioneer and Nakasima.

The IZ has also appealed to investors form the US and the EU like General Electric and EL-TEC, creating jobs for over 20,000 local workers. Businesses operating in the IZ mostly focus on hi-tech sectors including machinery manufacturing, auto spare parts and electronic devices.

Yumoto said that modern and comprehensive infrastructure was the key factor to attracting investors into the Nomura IZ. Its traffic system allows heavy-duty vehicles to operate in the area. A 50 MW power plant and a water supply system also exist to facilitate operations in the IZ.

NHIZ was the first IZ in the city to build a waste water system with environmental checks every three months.

The management board has paid much attention to building information technology, communications, services, banking and clinics to serve the IZ.

Besides favourable conditions in infrastructure, administrative reform with “one door” policy has been a key deal-maker for investors.

According to the policy, the Hai Phong Export Processing and Industrial Zones Authority takes responsibility to directly manage, assess and grant business licences to investors. Simplification in administrative procedures has also lured investors to the IZ.

In addition, the management board has created favourable conditions and supported businesses in the IZ by providing services at reduced fees.

The Japanese Nomura Finance Corporation 15 years ago invested in building the 153 ha IZ at a total cost of 140 million USD. Although not a largest IZ in the country, the standard of its infrastructure surpassed competitors nationwide at the time.

With its establishment, Hai Phong became the first city in the north to have an IZ./.