Quan An Ngon opens traditional Tet market hinh anh 1Wrapping "chung" cakes (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) Quan An Ngon on February 2 opens a Tet Market Day, a traditional culture of Vietnam, to give locals and foreigners in Hanoi the taste of traditional characteristic foods.

At the market, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a calligrapher to write a significant beautiful calligraphy on the spot which could bring the person good luck in the entire year.

One can go around to choose and buy different foods such as organic dried bamboo shoots, vermicelli, wood ears, and field mushrooms ordered from the northern province of Tuyen Quang and gingersnap, sugar coated lotus seeds, damson cheese, and preserved kumquats, in addition to different meat pastes made by professional artisans, and organic vegetables.

Visiting the market, one can also join the wrapping of the banh chung (square cake) by oneself or be guided by an artisan to do it, or you can have a chance to enjoy on the spot a hot cake which has been boiled for almost 14 hours.

Professor To Ngoc Thanh, a researcher of Vietnamese traditions, praised Quan An Ngon for preserving the Tet Market Day although old traditional habits have somewhat faded into oblivion.

"Images here have created a market full of national traditions and culture," Thanh said, and added that he bought a couple of banh chung from this market last year which welcomed thousands of guests.

The event will last until February 6.-VNA