Quan Lan is a large island located 45 kilometers northwest away from Ha Long Bay. The island is divided into 2 communes, Quan Lan and Minh Chau, which means some people call it Minh Chau island. 

This place is likened to a very beautiful named “Green gem on the sea”. Quan Lan is endowed with a dreamlike, charming landscape with rare sand beaches in the North of Vietnam. 

At the southernmost of the island, there is a waist wind called Got Beo. This is a high rocky cape. One side is the forest, one side is the sea while a dee natural rock pool is located in the middle; which forms a wind-absorbing waist. 

Standing on the top of the wind waist, immersing in the wild nature in the amazement at the majestic beauty of the sky and earth, enjoying the cool wind from the sea helps every visitor to come here to relax after a stressed day.

On the way from Quan Lan commune to Minh Chau commune, there is a river just nearly 300m long but has become a favorite check-in point of many young people.

The poetic scene with smooth white sand embracing the gentle stream leaves visitors with unforgettable impressions when arriving here.

Like the beaches in Quan Lan commune, Minh Chau’s beaches are described as “white as snow, smooth as velvet”. The seawater all year round is clear and blue with waves rolling in. If you look far away, you will see the majestic immensity of the sea.

A destination not to be missed on the island is Tram forest, also known as Than Moc. The hundred-year-old forest is a habitat symbol that has been with many generations, and a sacred symbol for a long time associated with the daily life of people on the island. 

Many people say: “Going to Quan Lan without watching the sunset is considered not visiting here yet. Indeed, when the rays of the sunlight at the end of the day shine brightly on the sea surface, the sky changes from yellow to bright red to purple. That moment has made many tourists passionate and unforgettable./.