The central province of Quang Binh is calling for investment in a dozen major projects in tourism, industrial production and infrastructure, and trade development in 2015.

Specifically, the Bao Ninh ecological tourist site and amusement park in Dong Hoi city need around 35-40 million USD and 80-100 million USD, respectively.

The Da Nhay – Ba Trai resort complex in Bo Trach district requires over 80 million USD in investment capital, while the Bao Ninh – Hai Ninh high-end tourism site in Quang Ninh district needs 100-120 million USD.

The high-tech electronic equipment production park in Quang Ninh district and the Hon La 2 industrial park in Quang Trach district are looking for at least 80 million USD each.

Meanwhile, the Le Thuy seaport and industrial park in Le Thuy district require 1.5-2 billion USD to build infrastructure and serve business services.

Director of the provincial Department of Planning and Investment Le Van Phuc said local authorities will implement policies to support investors in terms of land clearance and human resources training.-VNA