Vietnam’s number one chess player, Le Quang Liem, has officially become a super international grand master after he scored an Elo score of 2,700 on May 19, a rating that calculates skill levels of chess players.

The website which specialises in daily updates of super international grand masters’ Elo ratings, listed Le Quang Liem as one of the 40 super grand masters after he drew with U20 World Junior Chess Champion Dmitry Andreikin of Russia, within the framework of the Capablanca Chess Tournament in Cuba from May 9-21.

With this result, Liem, 20, has become the fourth Asian player, the only Southeast Asian player and the world’s second youngest player to make this ranking, after American Italian Fabiano Caruana, 19, who achieved an Elo rating of 2,716.

Liem said he hoped this success would offer him more chances to enter major competitions and compete with world-class players to overcome new challenges./.