After three years implementing the Prime Minister’s directive on national movement on ensuring national sovereignty and border security, 158 teams of 1,040 fishing vessels and 8,000 labourers have been formed in the central coastal province of Quang Ngai. The teams have improved local livelihoods.

Returning home from a long fishing trip in Hoang Sa fishing ground, captain Huynh Van Nhiem enjoys the support among fishing vessels within his team.

To deal with restrictions on inshore fishing due to scarce resources, local fishermen have built larger capacity vessels for offshore trips. They don’t work individually but in groups under a fisheries union. The union members support each other in case of emergency at sea.

Fishing Vessel Captain, Huynh Van Nhiem in Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province said:"When joining the fisheries union, vessels can receive support when any incident happens. Nearby vessels can approach distressed ones or they can get in touch with ashore stations to call for help."

Fisherman Huynh Minh Canh in Tam Quang commune, Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province said: "In order to improve our livelihood and also protect national sovereignty, we have formed groups of fishing vessels to help one another when the weather is bad or when being bullied by foreign vessels."

Despite difficulties, the Prime Minister’s Directive and Decree 67 by the Government on fishery have encouraged fishermen to contribute to national sovereignty safeguarding.

Vice Chairman of Nui Thanh district People’s Committee, Quang Nam province Nguyen Van Thinh said "We have built a fisheries union as well as groups of fishermen, and create optimal conditions for them to work effectively."

Tran Van Ba, Head of Cua Dai Border Station of Hoi An district, Quang Nam province said: " Under the Government’s directive, we have deployed an offshore communication mechanism so that emerging situations are handled in a timely fashion."

Offshore fishing has become Quang Nam’s spearhead economic sector. The fishing  have also been the province’s spearhead and living shields in ensuring national sovereignty.-VNA