The swallows nests are made from their saliva and are a popular food across Asia. Vietnamese Salangane nests are seen as one of the best such products in Vietnam due to their high nutritional value.

Ca Cave on Cham island has been chosen as the best place to conduct scientific projects, in an effort by Hoi An city authorities to raise and develop swallows.

After two years of conducting a project studying the development of the birds’ nests, Hoi An city has posted positive results. Some 800 fledglings and 1,000 eggs, which had fallen from their nests, were collected at the end of May. All of the fledglings received care before being released back into nature.

As the number of swallow flocks has shown sign of declining, Hoi An city has introduced various measures to protect and promote their sustainable development. It has assigned a management board of birds’ nests on Cham Island to assess the causes of the decline and to further develop projects on rescuing fledglings and incubating eggs.

The rate of eggs hatching and fledglings growing well has reached 80 percent, which represents a major success, according to scientists. This is vivid illustration of Hoi An city’s efforts to enhance the reproduction and sustainable development of swallows on Cham Island./.