The central coastal province of Quang Nam has seen a rising number of newly built fishing vessels, with a total of nearly 4,300 units. However, with the rapid increase of vessels, the province lacks human resources for fishing at sea.


Núi Thành district is the fishing hub in Quang Nam province, with more than 2,300 fishing vessels of all kinds. However, more than 200 offshore fishing vessels in the locality are now seriously short of crew members.

Fishermen proposed local authorities provide loans to upgrade fishing vessels so they can conduct long term at sea. When the number of boats and fishermen inshore is reduced, the number of labours for offshore fishing will be stable.

By buying modern fishing equipment and reducing the number of low-powered boats, it is believed that the threat of inshore resource exhaustion will be decreased. In the meantime, local authorities can focus resources to find labourers for high-powered vessels working offshore.-VNA