The central province of Quang Nam will funnel 3.7 trillionVND (176 million) into restoring a historic national relic, the Ky Anh tunnel, 7km northeast of the province's capital Tam Ky city, in addition to a complex of commune houses, a tourism centre and infrastructure.

The three-stage project, scheduled for the 2014-25 period, will prioritise 14 items spanning an area of 51.18ha.

The 32km tunnel built in 1967 served as a home for local militia and guerilla forces during the fiercest period of the American War between 1964-75.

The province aims to establish the tunnel as a historical destination for local and foreign tourists in the coming years.

The restoration project also includes the preservation of the reed ecological conservation of the Dam River as an eco-tourism site.

Quang Nam is home to two World Heritage sites, the My Son Sanctuary and Hoi An ancient town, and a World Biosphere Reserve, Cham Island.-VNA