The central province of Quang Ngai’s Steering Committee for cattle and poultry disease prevention, together with the Veterinary Sub-department, culled 1,000 A/H5N6 infected birds on September 16.

The infected birds were traced back to a poultry farm in Tin An Dong commune, Quang Ngai city. This is the fourth H5N6 bird flu virus case in the province.

The 40-day old flock had been vaccinated, but dozens of them died suspiciously and tested positive for the virus.

In order to prevent an outbreak spread, local authorities promptly destroyed the infected birds and sterilised the poultry farm to contain the virus. Furthermore, they informed residents not to consume infected poultry products.

According to the vice director of the Quang Ngai’s veterinary station, Nguyen Duc Kieu, the station has called upon the 23 localities to conduct supplementary A/H5N6 bird flu virus vaccination on their unvaccinated birds.

To date, local authorities have implemented a number of measures to prevent the outbreak of the virus and prevent poultry-to human transmission.-VNA