The Tra Bong district in the central province of Quang Ngai has invested 2.7 billion VND (125,000 USD) to restore a traditional house of the Cor ethnic group, according to Head of the district’s office Phung Tan Nho.

The stilt house covers 105 square metres and consists of 16 poles, one communal living compartment, two bedrooms, and two kitchens.

The construction, part of a project on the preservation and promotion of traditional cultural values of the Cor ethnic group from 2011-2020, is expected to be completed in June.

The Cor belong to the Mon-Khmer group and have a population of almost 30,000, having settled primarily in central Quang Nam and Quang Ngai provinces.

They live mainly on slash-and-burn agriculture, growing rice, maize, cassavas and other plants in newly cleared areas.

The Cor lived in raised houses large enough to accommodate extended families. In recent years, the ethnic majority population has begun shifting to smaller, ground-based homes.

Cor ethnic people in Tra Bong district are one of the few ethnic minority groups in the province with specific preserved traditional culture, including musical instruments and gongs, traditional clothes and jewellery, and tools for daily life.-VNA