The central province of Quang Ngai was estimated to make a record state budget collection value of over 28 trillion VND (1.31 billion USD) this year, which shows 46.7 percent higher than last year’s figure and 28.7 percent higher than the year’s estimate.

According to the provincial People’s Committee, the figure includes 24.7 trillion VND (1.16 billion USD) contributed by local production and business activities, 2.8 trillion VND (131.6 million USD) from export and import, and 263.4 billion VND (12.3 million USD) from land use.

Twelve out of 14 districts and cities have their budget collection increased by 105 -193 percent, including the districts of Duc Pho, Mo Duc, Tu Nghia, Binh Son, Ba To, Minh Long, Son Ha, Son Tay, Tra Bong, Ly Son, Tay Tra and Quang Ngai city.

The Dung Quat Oil Refinery Plant contributed 22.2 trillion VND (1.04 billion USD) to the total, making up 89.8 percent of the local collection amount.

In 2014, Quang Ngai has set a t arget of collecting 25.2 trillion VND (1.18 billion USD) for the State budget, including 20.4 trillion VND (958.8 million USD) from domestic production and business activities and 2.6 trillion VND (122.2 million USD) from exports and imports.

To realise the target, the province maps out specific measures, focusing on further managing tax declaration of enterprises, organisations and individuals operating in the locality to avoid tax dodge.-VNA