The central province of Quang Ngai has targeted to maintain a high growth in agricultural production as a key to develop the province’s economy.

The province set ambitious targets for the next harvest in all sectors, including food production, breeding, and aquaculture at a recent conference to review agricultural production and aquaculture 2014 and implement a production plan for Winter-Spring 2014-2015 crop.

It aims to achieve an output of 479,700 tonnes of food, including 421,200 tonnes of rice, and raise the numbers of cattle to 748,000 and poultry to 4.6 million while aquatic production is 6,580 tonnes.

In an effort to achieve the targets, Quang Ngai set up a seasonal calendar for each region and encouraged farmers to choose from the main varieties while expanding organic vegetable production in accordance with VietGap standards.

Chairman of the provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Duong Van To called upon relevant agencies to carry out their functions and responsibilities, including the maintenance of irrigation works and dyke systems, and management of the quality of crop varieties, fertilizers, pesticides, and veterinary medicine.-VNA