The central coastal province of Quang Ngai plans to build 189 new vessels for fishing and logistic services by 2016 at an estimated cost of 1,600 billion VND (75.2 million USD), under the latest government decree on fisheries development.

Over 1,400 billion VND (65.8 million USD) is expected to come from bank loans and local fishermen will dole out 200 billion VND (9.4 million USD).

Twenty ships will be built from now to the end of the year.

Alongside building new vessels, local fishermen will invest approximately 560 billion VND (26.32 million USD) to upgrade their existing ships and purchase more modern fishing equipment.

The provincial authorities will assist the fishermen in accessing bank loan.

Government Decree No. 67 on fishery development policy, issued on July 7, 2014, provides a full, systematic and synchronous set of basic policies to encourage fishermen building high-capacity and iron-covered ships capable of fishing offshore.

Commercial banks have pledged about 14 trillion VND (658 million USD) in loans for organisations and individuals wishing to build new or upgrade their fishing vessels under the decree.-VNA