The central province of Quang Ngai on January 22 announced that four of its local specialties have won national accolades: Tra River bong fish, keo guong (transparent candy), don (shellfish) and Tra Bong cinnamon.

The special cinnamon has been recognised as one of the eight top Vietnamese specialise by the Vietnam Records Organisation.

It is known for its potency and aroma, and is used in the production of wooden furniture, pots and cups, as well as being mixed with tea.

The area of Tra Bong cinnamon cultivation in the province has grown to 2,000 hectares from 350 hectares in 2007. The product is popular in China, France, India and the Republic of Korea.

Keo guong , which made the list’s top 10, is largely made of refined sugar which is heated until it turns light yellow, before being blended with lemon juice and vanilla powder to create a gluey mixture.

Roasted sesame and peanuts are then sprinkled on top. When cool, it is cut into bite-sized pieces.

The bong fish was named in the Vietnamese top 50. Local producers say it tastes best when it is bruised for 45-60 minutes and served with rice or porridge.

Don shellfish is also one of top 50 Vietnamese specialities. Typically it is boiled after being soaked in rice-washed water for four hours.

Once their shells come apart, they are extracted and the broth is heated again and seasoned with herbs, ground pepper, garlic, shallots and fresh vegetables.

Don can be served in different dishes, including soup, porridge and summer rolls.-VNA