The program named "Building a new countryside" has created a clear change in the face of the countryside of Quang Ninh province. People's lives have been improved, thousands of kilometers of roads have been hardened, welfare works have been built, the culture - society, and environment in rural areas have made much progress; democracy is expanded, the political system is strong, security is maintained; Awareness of the people's cadres has shifted from waiting and relying on to actively participate in building a new countryside.

Looking at these achievements, few people know that Quang Ninh province has entered the "Building a new countryside " program in a very difficult context. Facing difficult challenges, Quang Ninh clearly defined that new countryside must be built "from the bottom up," which means that people must join the same political system.

Therefore, although agriculture accounts for a low proportion of the overall economic structure of the province, the issue of agriculture, farmers, and rural areas is important in socio-economic development, national defense, and security of the province. After more than 10 years of implementing the national program on building a new countryside, Quang Ninh province has reached the target 1 year earlier than the plan.

Up to now, the whole province has 91/122 communes completing the "Building a new countryside" program and is striving to have 100 more communes by 2022. Quang Ninh is the pioneer locality of the country in implementing this program. 10 districts, towns, and cities with delta communes and zone 1 communes have a total of 127/148 enterprises, cooperatives, and production households participating in the OCOP Program, accounting for 85,8% of the province.

There are 311/402 products participating in the OCOP Program, accounting for 77,4% of the province. In which, there are 117/138 premium products. The results of the implementation of Quang Ninh's OCOP Program have been evaluated by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong in a very correct way and encouraged by the Government to be replicated nationwide.

Identifying "New countryside has a starting point, but no end," in the coming time, Quang Ninh authorities and people will continue to be determined to improve the quality of this program.