One of the most important tasks of the Quang Ninh Maritime Administration is to improve maritime management, contributing to ensuring economic and cultural exchanges with other regions in the country and establishing relations with other ASEAN members and nations in East Asia.

Administration Director Nguyen Van Phuc talked with the Vietnam Economic News about maritime management.

* Could you tell us about Quang Ninh province’s maritime activities last year?

The global maritime industry in recent years has been severely affected by an economic downturn, leading to a slump in freight transportation. Many domestic and international major carriers have halted operations when faced by the risk of bankruptcy.

However, Quang Ninh province’s maritime activities remained stable. In 2011, vessels conducted 8,800 visits through Quang Ninh’s ports. The output of goods through these ports reached approximately 50 million tonnes. This marked an increase on 7,500 dockings and 49 million tonnes of cargo shipped in 2012.

In the first eight months of this year, the number of customs clearance goods and the number of passengers increased by 4.6 percent and 58 percent respectively compared to the same period last year. Some items such as clinker, cement and wood chip going through Quang Ninh ports drastically increased in terms of quantity.

In particular, infrastructures in Quang Ninh ports continues to receive investment and new seaports and wharfs have been put into operation. The maritime economy in recent years has actually contributed to Quang Ninh province’s economic growth.

* What did the appropriate authorities do to improve maritime management?

Under the guidance of provincial People's Committee, the appropriate authorities have made efforts to promote port services in the province. State management agencies have speeded up administrative reforms, focused on attracting investment capital in the construction of port infrastructure and coordinated with relevant units to maximise support for businesses.

Quang Ninh province was selected to implement the pilot project on one-door administrative procedure in seaports. In addition, state management agencies have promoted awareness of the maritime law, strengthened dialogue with customers and purchased modern equipment and machinery, contributing to improving the quality of seaports. In particular, good staff with high professional skills and a sense of responsibility in working had been allocated to do tasks in the one-stop shop. Therefore, official awareness and responsibility have been raised, contributing to creating favorable conditions for business and production activities. The Quang Ninh Maritime Administration promises to meet customer requirements in the best way.

* What should Quang Ninh do to exploit advantages and potential?

In the near future, to attract investors and businesses, Quang Ninh province needs to adopt specific mechanisms and policies as well as open administrative procedures, creating favourable conditions for the development of businesses in industrial zones and export processing zones. In addition, accelerating progress of projects, such as Highway 18, Noi Bai-Ha Long Highway and Yen Vien-Cai Lan railway is needed.-VNA