After more than three years implementing the National New Rural Area Construction Programme, northeastern Quang Ninh province has registered positive results, with many shaped-up farming area. Report by the Vietnam Economic News.

Quang Ninh province’s Steering Committee for New Rural Area Construction has coordinated resources from the provincial budget and others from the private sector for the implementation of the National New Rural Area Construction Programme, gradually raising living standards for farmers.

Seeing that raising farmer's incomes is key to the success of the programme, local authorities have decided to earmark nearly 300 billion VND (14.3 million USD) to implement more than 450 New Rural Area Construction (NRAC) projects and production models that effectively help reduce poverty while increasing per capita income for farmers.

After more than three years of implementation Quang Ninh has registered positive results, with many shaped-up farming areas, for example the 1,500ha field of high-quality rice, 880ha garden of custard-apple in Dong Trieu District and 150ha field of safe vegetables in Quang Yen Town. In addition, there are also many 200-5,000 pig farms and 40,000-60,000 chicken farms across the province.

According to the committee, the annual average income per farmer increased from 10.98 million VND in 2010 to 14 million VND last year; the annual poverty rate was reduced from 4.89 percent in 2011 to 3.68 percent last year; the monthly average income per farmer was 1.158 million VND last year and is estimated to reach 1.326 million VND this year, up by 145 percent compared to 2010.

Quang Ninh has coordinated various financial sources for building essential infrastructure constructions from Programme 120, Programme 134, and a sea and islands programme to perform hundreds of NRAC works.

Last year, the provincial People’s Committee allocated nearly 46 billion VND as funding for the construction of rural water works to bring clean water to 90 percent of provincial rural population. As of May 2013, the province registered 1,287km of concreted or asphalted roads in and linking local communes.

The construction of rural roads last year in Quang Ninh received 7 billion VND from the provincial budget and private sectors, apart from 3 billion VND worth of building materials from provincial producers. Also in last year, provincial farmer households voluntarily cleared 211,800sq.m of land for rural infrastructure constructions.

This year, the committee will continue integrating central funds to support the provincial programme on the work, along with encouraging local community to participate in the programme with a view to reaching all the NRAC criteria by 2015.-VNA