The People’s Committee of northern Quang Ninh province has given the nod to the building of a hi-tech industrial complex by Thai and Vietnamese businesses in the locality.

At a recent meeting between the provincial People’s Committee and two groups, Amata (Thailand) and Tuan Chau, it was stated the complex was to cover 16,000ha in Quang Yen, Uong Bi district and Ha Long city, reported the provincial newspaper.

The complex will provide hi-tech centres, free trade zones, research and development centres, value added products and education and urban areas.

Tuan Chau Group started 15 years ago in the province with its first project being a road linking Tuan Chau Island and National Highway 18. Now, the Group had 18 smaller companies operating mostly in tourism and real estate.

Amata is Thailand’s lending developer and manager of industrial estates. In Vietnam, the Amata city complex in southern Bien Hoa city has 112 factories and more than 700ha of land. It was established in 1994.

Amata Group said phase 1 of the Quang Ninh project would span 500ha in Quang Yen town at a cost of 1.5-2 billion. Phase 1 was expected to start this year’s December and the first plant would go into operation next year.

Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Van Hoc said the investment was a step to convert Quang Ninh, which is lying in the northern economic hub, into an economic model focusing on industrial and tourism development.-VNA