Quang Tri border guards uncover synthetic drug trafficking cases hinh anh 1Police are questioning Mai Van Nguyen (Source: laodong.vn)

Quang Tri (VNA)
Border guards in the central border province of Quang Tri have discovered two drug trafficking cases from Laos to Vietnam since the beginning of December.

On December 12, the drug squad of the Quang Tri border guard force and forces at the Lao Bao international border gate together caught red-handed two drug traffickers, namely Mai Van Nguyen, born in 1979, and Dinh Huu Tinh, born in 1992, from Quang Binh, seizing 2,369 synthetic drugs.

On December 8, the forces surprised Pham Van Dung, born in 1993, residing in Lao Bao town for transporting 615 pink synthetic drugs. Dung confessed that he bought the drugs in Laos to sell for drug addicts in Lao Bao town.

Further investigations are underway to handle these cases in accordance with legal regulations.

Local authorities say that the number of ethnic minority juveniles engaging in drug trafficking at the Vietnamese-Lao border in Quang Tri has increased sharply over the last five years.

They also say that efforts to fight drug trafficking in the area have been hampered by a change in rules that determines punishment, including detention, on the narcotics content of the drugs seized.

This has created a loophole that traffickers exploit by smuggling reduced quantities of narcotics each time, but increasing the number of cross-border trips.

Vietnam’s Quang Trị and Laos’ Savannakhet provinces share a border that is 156km long, with the Lao Bao-Densavan border gate connecting the East-West Economic Corridor.

Drug traffickers are taking advantage of the area’s topography to hire Vietnamese immigrants to set up drug trafficking rings for smuggling drugs from Savannakhet into Quang Tri through the Lao Bao international border gate.-VNA