The World Vision and Trieu Phong district in the central province of Quang Tri on June 5 co-launched a host of activities in response to World Environment Day, through which new initiatives for environment problems, including climate change, were made known.

The locality showcased 20 environment-themed paintings by children who won prizes at a drawing contest.

Meanwhile, local residents were instructed to collect and process rubbish at a stadium.

The organising board presented 100,000 USD to the district, which will be spent on building biogas tanks, collecting waste and processing tap water in households.

The event formed part of the project “Developing initiatives for environment protection in Trieu Phong district” co-funded by the World Vision and the Korea International Cooperation Agency.

Beginning this year, the 600,000 USD project will run until 2017, helping over 5,200 households - including 1,300 children in the communes of Trieu Trach, Trieu Son, Trieu Tai and Trieu Thuong - benefit from environmentally-friendly models.-VNA