Lying between the Quang Ninh and Hai Phong shipping routes and at the crossroads of the Quang Ninh-Hai Phong-Ha Noi economic triangle, Quang Yen town in Quang Ninh province has made full use of its geographical position to develop its economy and utilise its potential and strengths to develop marine economy.

Based on the orientation issued by central government and the provincial authorities on developing maritime and island based economies, Quang Ninh’s socio-economic development plan and its cooperative deal with Hai Phong province, Quang Yen town has drawn up its socio-economic development plan for 2010-2015, with a view to 2030, focusing on its maritime strengths and islands.

The town’s plan concentrates on turning the coastal mudflats into industrial parks and shipyards. The parks will include a general industrial park including sea ports in Nam Trieu (at Bach Dang estuary) - Dam Nha Mac area, a park for ship building industry and ship equipment production in Dong Bai alluvial areas, a park for building and repairing large-tonnage ships in Lach Huyen, and a multi-purpose industrial park at Dam Nha Mac area.

Along with the planning and construction of industrial parks included in the socio-economic development master plan, the town has step by step improved and expanded the Ha An shipbuilding park, as well as the seafood processing parks, while also implementing the plan for developing trade - services, eco-tourism in combination with cultural tourism, forming the Quang Yen - Uong Bi - Dong Trieu Tourism Complex, which connects with complexes of Cat Ba (Hai Phong City), and Qua Soai island -Tuan Chau (Ha Long).

Besides the economic advantages of seaports, ship building and repairing industry, Quang Yen also has great strengths in aquaculture and fishing. As one of the localities with the largest coastal area in the province, Quang Yen has turned more than 7,000 ha into aquaculture farms. The town also has a strong and highly experienced offshore fishing crew. These have become key factors for economic development in the locality. To promote its strengths, Quang Yen has made plans to expand aquatic processing establishments and at the same time step up aquaculture development and fishing activities through upgrading facilities and encouraging fishermen to operate offshore. The town also developed a detailed plan for the aquaculture area of East Quang Yen, invested in improving the system of transport and fishing logistics and the storm shelter of Tan An. Wharves, fishing ports and fishing services have also been upgraded to meet the requirements for the development of the sector, as well as the locality in the future.

Together with drawing a plan of developing the sea-based economy, Quang Yen has also completed a plan on developing socio-economic infrastructure for other sectors such as industry, agriculture, forestry, education and health, towards the goals of development in a rapid, efficient and sustainable manner, making the town an attractive destination for investment and a vibrant economic area. It will serve as a centre of development in Quang Ninh province, as well as one of the gates for Quang Ninh to exchange and integrate into the Northern Key Economic Zone.

During 5 years of implementing the marine economic strategy, Quang Yen town has made important achievements in all fields, with a high rate of economic growth, at 15.3 percent per year, and the construction industry also increasing 22.5 percent. Since 2007, there have been 97 investment projects operating in the town, many of which reaching a high rate of efficiency. The fisheries sector accounted for 48 percent of the agricultural sector and the total number of fishing vessels amounted to more than 5,000, with seafood catch reaching 11,000 tonnes per year.

In order to develop the strength of fisheries in a sustainable manner, along with upgrading its infrastructure systems, logistics and services for fisheries, the town has strengthened the management, and protection of ocean resources through raising public awareness about the sea and islands, and how to cope with climate change and sea level rise. The town has also issued regulations for the warning of natural disasters at sea and ensuring national defence and security at sea.

To make the marine economy a really strong point of the town, Quang Yen will continue to promote the popularization of the Politburo Resolution on sea and island strategy, as well as Quang Ninh’s economic development orientation of "getting strong in sea and rich from sea". Quang Yen will also invest in infrastructure construction, focusing on building roads, especially routes linking the town and the road leading to National Highway No. 5B (Ha Noi - Hai Phong).

Besides, the town will invest in the construction of the Roc Market - Do La - Tien Phong route to serve the development of ports, while speeding up the planning and construction of the economic and general services zone of Dam Nha Mac, the port services and ship building park of Tien Phong . This will also accelerate the construction progress of the industrial complex of Dong Bai, the Hoang Tan island resort and Bach Dang Victory Relic.-VNA