Quang Yen town receives second-class Independence Order hinh anh 1A corner of Quang Yen town (Photo: baoquangninh.com.vn)

Quang Ninh (VNA) – Quang Yen town in the northern province of Quang Ninh was presented with a second-class Independence Order at a ceremony held on December 24.

Attending the event, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung congratulated the local Party Organisation, administration and people on their achievements in the past time, and affirmed they are vivid illustrations for the town’s solidarity, concerted efforts, and self-reliance.

In acknowledgement of Quang Yen people and officials’ contributions, the State President decided to present the town a second-class Independence Order, the Prime Minister determined to establish Quang Yen coastal economic zone, and the Minister of Construction recognised Quang Yen as a third-tier urban area, Dung stressed.

Since the moves create premise for the town to advance progress in setting up a city before 2025, and attain standards of a second-tier urban area before 2030, Quang Yen town should invest big in socio-economic infrastructure, and focus on building rational mechanisms to mobilise resources for economic development, improving the business climate, and enhancing the quality of human resources, he said.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Tuong Van laid stress on the town’s strengths and potential to become a locomotive economic zone in Quang Ninh province in particular, and the northern region as a whole. 

In recent years, Quang Yen has become a favourite destination for both major domestic and foreign investors, who have considerable experience and long-term vision to carry out projects in the locality.

In a bid to develop the sea-based economy and contribute to Quang Ninh province’s growth model, the Prime Minister decided to set up the Quang Yen coastal economic zone on September 24.

Located in the southwest of Quang Ninh and on the border with Hai Phong, the zone covers a total area of 13,303 ha built on two functional sub-zones including a nearly 6,900 ha subzone for seaport services and an industrial zone named Dam Nha Mac, and over 6,400 ha for an urban area and high-tech sub-zone.

The economic zone is set up to enhance economic, trade and services connections with other coastal economic zones such as Van Don, Dinh Vu- Cat Hai (Hai Phong) and Thai Binh, and develop socio-economic links between economic zones and neighbourhoods. Investment attraction to Quang Yen must work hand in hand with national defence and security, and the preservation and promotion of marine ecosystems and historical and cultural relics in the zone.

The ambition is to develop Quang Yen into a centre of industry, services, logistics and a modern urban area for Quang Ninh and the Red River Delta through the synchronisation of technical and social infrastructure, the development of hi-tech, environment friendly industries and a research and development centre.

The goals must be achieved together with improvements to the workforce with increased incomes and employment opportunities./.