The healthcare sector will continue implementing quarantine in border areas while strengthening monitoring of pneumonia cases suspected of having virus at healthcare centre and in the community in order to prevent the A/H7N9 flu.

A network of health check-up is ready for treatment and early detection of infected cases, a representative from the Health Ministry said at a meeting with media in Hanoi on May 4.

Other measures include the establishment of the inter-sectoral plan to fight H7N9 and H5N1 avian influenza, the enhancement of supervision and coordination between relevant ministries and agencies, and the increase of information work on the disease and sanitation in poultry raising and slaughtering.

Vietnam has not recorded any case of H7N9 infections in human or poultry, Deputy Minister of Heath Nguyen Thanh Long affirmed.

He warned of a high risk of A/H7N9 influenza spreading into the country as it shares a borderline with China. Poultry smuggling from China to Vietnam can also increase the infection risk, he added.

It is difficult to control the disease and implement preventive measures because the source and ways how the avian influenza type H7N9 spreads have not been discovered, he said.

No vaccine is currently available for this subtype of the influenza virus.-VNA