Queuing theory critical to IT growth hinh anh 1Vice chairperson of QuangNinh People's Committee speaks at the event (Source: baoquangninh.com.vn)
Queuing theory played an important role in the development of telephone system, internet, mobile phone network and information and technology (IT), said Vu Thi Thu Thuy, vice chairperson of the northern province of QuangNinh people's committee at the 10th International Conference on Queuing Theory and Network Applications.

Research, development and application of the theory have a practical meaning in countries' socio-economic development and global integration, she added.

The 10th International Conference on Queuing Theory and Network Applications (QTNA2015), held from August 17 – 20, was aimed at promoting knowledge about and development of high-quality research on queuing theory and its applications in networks and other related fields.

The QTNA2015 conference was co-organised by Hungary's Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Vietnam National University's University of Engineering and Technology and Ha Long University.

The conference attracted 36 scientists from many countries in the world, including China, Hungary, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand and Vietnam.

The conference covered all the key topics in queuing theory, communication networks and other scientific areas.

Queuing and waiting made buyers unsatisfied, said Professor Hideaki Takagi from Japan's University of Tsukuba at the conference, adding that the theory was formulated to solve these problems.

Queuing theory is the mathematical study of waiting lines, or queues, according to wikipedia.org. In queuing theory, a model is constructed so that queue lengths and waiting time can be predicted.

The theory is applied in IT, communication networks and people management, the professor said.

The professor is applying the theory at hospitals in order to make medical examination and treatment more effective.

The province set a goal to raise its services, industry and tourism centre to regional and international levels of efficiency by 2020.

It aims to become a place worth coming and living in. To achieve the goal, the province set science and technology as a leading area.

Through this conference, the province expressed the hope that scientists will continue to work and co-operate with it in the long term to support Ha Long University in training./.