The Quy Nhon New Port Joint Stock Company has put into operation a 220-metre wharf, which can handle 37,500-tonne container ships.

The new facility, which was built next to the main wharf with a cost of 200 billion VND (9.4 million USD), aims to ease the overloaded Quy Nhon port, said General Director of the Quy Nhon port Nguyen Huu Phuc on November 5.

The Quy Nhon port has received over 1,000 ships so far this year, including 529 from abroad with customs clearance for more than 5.7 million tonnes of goods, a year-on-year increase of 16.6 percent. It is expected to pass 6.3 million tonnes of cargo through customs at the end of this year .

Thanks to its geographical advantages, the Quy Nhon port complex is home to three seaports, including two trade ports, namely Quy Nhon Port and Quy Nhon New Port, and a military port.

These ports serve as a gateway connecting the East Sea to the Central Highlands, Laos, northern Cambodia and north-eastern Thailand.

As a result, the demand for goods via the port complex is expected to surge in the coming years, and Quy Nhon will be a key entrepôt in the region in the foreseeable future.-VNA