Quy Nhon to become leading destination in Asia hinh anh 1Quy Nhon has diverse and rich coral reefs that need to be protected. (Photo: VNA)

Binh Dinh (VNA) – Measures to turn Quy Nhon city in the central coastal province of Binh Dinh into a leading tourism destination in Asia were discussed at a workshop organised by Vietnam Real Estate E-Magazine (Reatimes) and Vietnam Institute of Real Estate Research (VIRES) on March 24.

According to experts, Quy Nhon is emerging as an attractive destination for not only tourism but also resort real estate investors. With outstanding advantages in terms of geographical location, natural conditions, socio-economic environment and attractive investment choices, Quy Nhon has an opportunity to become Asia's leading leisure centre through planning, the participation of pioneering businesses and active support of local authorities.

The latest research by the VIRES revealed that the Quy Nhon real estate market in general and the Hai Giang peninsula area in particular is attracting large investment cash flows in the context of the tourism and resort real estate market showing signs of recovery.

Pham Nguyen Toan, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Association, Editor-in-Chief of Reatimes said the city's potential has not yet been fully tapped.

Quy Nhon so far mainly welcomes Vietnamese tourists who stay for several days, due to the lack of high-class destinations and places for international tourists to entertain and spend money.

He said to turn it into an international destination, it is necessary to create large-scale tourism products that meet international standards.

Tran Dinh Thien, former Director of the Vietnam Economic Institute, noted that the city has seen strong changes over the past five years, with the local government taking drastic moves to attract investors.

According to him, turning Quy Nhon into a world-class tourist destination and Asia's top destination is quite feasible, especially when it is planned to become a world-class artificial intelligence centre, where thousands of experts and scientists from many countries regularly gather.

In addition, with Binh Dinh located between four major airports, Quy Nhon has great advantages due to convenient transport connections./.